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​Hundreds of satisfied clients have taken Becky all over the Central Ohio area. Please give her a call for a free quote and on-site explanation of what your project will involve. She will be happy to discuss financial arrangements, explain her minimum deposit and the estimated time to complete the project. 


Becky was initially called to wallpaper, but when she came to do the estimate it was obvious there was also painting to do. Our wallpaper was very expensive, so I really wanted someone with experience who knew what they were doing. She was exactly what we were looking for and trustworthy to leave in our home. 

Becky met all of our expectations and did a great job with the wallpaper and painting. She texted me when the job was done and said if anything else was needed to let her know. Everything was perfect and it was really appreciated how much she cared for this project.
Cassi / Upper Arlington​


Rebecca "Becky" Dietsch started removing wallpaper when she was ten and needed something to do when her TV broke. Her mother said if she wanted a new TV she would have to earn it. Becky worked with her mother, the original "Paper Lady," throughout her teen years. When she wanted money, she asked for work. At age fourteen she hung her
first room solo.

​Professionalism is her game and it shows up beautifully in all of her work. Ask Becky
​to paint or wallpaper and you will be thrilled with the results. Turn a drab room into an exciting showplace.

Her work is dramatic in nature and done with all the skill of a true artist. Becky knows preparation is the hallmark of any successful decorating project. Decorating a room is 90% preparation and 10% rolling on the color or applying the wallpaper. Her years of experience has taught her how to repair damage of the most depressing walls.